Heavy Duty Mobile Rack / Solutions for heavy duty load storage
A simply structure with high volume storage which is derivative from heavy duty rack, only need to remain the operational aisle. It’s the most efficient 3D warehousing system, and the storage capacity is better than automatic warehouse.

Mostly used in electronics industry, medical biotechnology industry and low temperature logistics industry. 

Structure elements include uprights, beams, mobile base module and electric control module. The application is as the same as the traditional pallet rack.

Strong Points Analysis

1. Safety:Equipment of mobile base module and electric control module are originally from Japan, stable and safe.

2. Low cost:Lower construction cost compared with the same storage building.

3.High efficiency:Land area utilization rate reaches 95%, maximum the need of storage with flexibility in operational space.

Extended use:
Freezer, explosion proof warehouse, individual units and trackless mobile.

Need more warehouse space?

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