A simply structure with high volume storage which is derivative from heavy duty rack, not only efficiently satisfy storage requirements that traditional heavy duty rack can’t meet but also can double the inventory capacity. The construction cost for mobile module is relatively low in 3-D warehousing system.

Mostly used in third party logistics industry and manufacturing. Structure elements include uprights, beams and mobile modules. Apply Principles of Physics to assemble the carrying trolley with the track. Pallet cargo is regulated in single ended storage, first in last out.

Strong Points Analysis 

1. Safety:Trolley module track covered with patented cladding structure, is stable and safe. 

2. Low-cost:Reuse the heavy duty rack in the warehouse, upgrade the storage capacity over the original ones.

3. High efficiency:The usage of floor area ratio for heavy duty rack raised up from 38% to 62%, almost double the storage capacity. 

Mobile Module Patent:Utility model patent No. M564030
Without patent licensing from the company will lead to infringement.

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