Trackless Mobile Shelving System

Upgraded from mobile shelving. Improving situations commonly occurred in operations, such as system channel track hazard, derailment failure, difficult to clean, etc. The best choice for 3-D indoor storage in respect of safety and high efficiency.

Mostly used in electronics industry, medical biotechnology industry and the environment requires big amount storage of files and documents.

Structure elements include mobile shelving and regulator. The application is as the same as the mobile cabinet.

Strong Points Analysis

1. No hazard of tripping when walking in and out.

2.No need to sabotage the floor for assembling the track. No damage to the space nor the environment.

3. Easy to keep the floor clean.

4. No danger of derailment failure.

5. No need to worry about the ground level drop.

6. Easy to relocate.

7. No pollution for long-term usage.

8. Hardly affect neighbors within the commercial building during the construction.

9. Fast installation .

10.Traditional shelving can be modified. Achieve a risk-free operation environment.

Trackless Mobile Patent:Utility model patent No. M599798
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